MANTIKI Creative

We specialize in the transformation of information into experiences that enhance and clarify your vision.

We strive to create impactful traditional and digital experiences. We feel the quality of that first experience determines whether or not people return for more. Sophisticated design alone isn’t enough to compel interest. The cognitive design has to be an integral component. The key to interactive technology is comfort. If the message is to be delivered in a memorable, meaningful way, the interface between humans and technology must be intuitive.

We focus on how people communicate, think, act, and react, developing experiences that are in tune with humans and INSPIRE ACTION!

Although a bit dated and aspirational, this pretty much sums up the type of experiences we strive to create.

Drake Newkirk

drake newkirk.

The team is led by Drake Newkirk, who has over 30 years of experience in advertising, marketing and design. As a former SVP, Creative Director of Digital at LevLane Advertising for more than two decades, Drake was responsible for design and user experience development, team management, quality assurance, new business and client relations.

Having greatly benefited from working in a full-service agency environment, Drake decided it was time to build his own team and set off for new challenges.


The Team.

The MANTIKI Creative team works with brands and agencies all across the nation. We are a team of creative, digital and social media professionals with experience working within client businesses and agencies. We use our experience, expertise and relationships to make your organization’s traditional and digital work more effective. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor our team to give you just what you need.


MANTIKI (Swahili for LOGIC) + Creative = Logically Created

Pretty simple. We start with the end goal, whether heads-in-beds, increased traffic, conversation, behavior change, recognition, brand understanding, etc. We strategically develop tactics to achieve that goal. The not-so-secret sauce is to create a platform, image, message, or tool that inspires people to not only be aware but ENGAGE with your brand.

Just think of us as a Spock/Kirk mindmeld.